Energy and Time


Just four weeks left of classes this academic year – then reading week and finals.  As time diminishes, it is important to maintain focus.  I wanted to share a brief article that I have used for more than a decade to remind me to Manage [My] Energy, Not [My] Time.  It is an article from the Harvard Business Review (2007) that my husband shared with me – it is “business-y,” but reading past that, perhaps you will find some of the messages useful as I have over the years.  In short, Schwartz and McCarthy suggest that if we are able manage our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy, then the management of our time is eased.  We can’t add hours to the day, but we can add focus to the hours.



Feedback from my message last week and the full faculty meeting has been great.  Personally, I am grateful to have the privilege to work with the amazing faculty at Yale-NUS College.  And thank you to all who shared their ideas:

  • Wonderful colleagues and students
  • We have a group of some of the most intelligent, interesting and dedicated colleagues of any institution anywhere
  • I’m grateful for passionate, engaged students at all times of the semester
  • I’m grateful for colleagues who have patience and good spirit
  • Great lunch conversations
  • Grateful for being able to work with smart, energetic, honest senior administration
  • I am grateful for the wonderful students
  • Grateful for being a supportive community in Southeast Asia
  • Let’s appreciate what we have here!
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to build something new with smart colleagues & students
  • I am grateful for Admission and Financial Aid who bring in our amazing students
  • I’m grateful for how diverse the Yale-NUS Faculty and Student bodies are.
  • I am grateful for you!
  • I am grateful for Ajay and Chris A
  • Thank you. I’m trying to explain that (in much simpler terms) to my 5 year old who constantly asks for things and often complains about what she does not have or what I have not done. I keep telling her saying thank you and being happy for what you have will help you feel better! I’m glad there’s some science and philosophy to back me up.
  • Thank you for your thoughts on gratitude in the recent Dean’s Weekly newsletter.  I have been thinking a lot about the importance of gratitude in Plato’s dialogues,  and it has given me a new appreciation of this virtue and the work it does in his dialogues and in democratic Athens.

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