In Asia, for the World….

This is another week that I feel grateful to be here at Yale-NUS – our small college with a big mission. This week, we opened our campus to nearly 1000 guests at NUS Open Day as well as hosting Yale faculty teaching special seminars, a student leadership symposium and arts awards ceremony.


Tomorrow, Dean Trisha Craig will be facilitating a panel entitled The Rise of China: Growth and Geopolitics, supported by the Tan Chin Tuan Chinese Culture and Civilization Programme. Our esteemed panelists – from the public and private sectors as well as Yale and NUS – will discuss what has been described as a potential inflection point in history. The impact of China’s growth and geopolitics – Belt & Road, Made in China 2025 – is certainly felt in Singapore and the region as a function of proximity. In addition, bilateral relations with the United States often make the headlines. In a recent article in Foreign Policy, Kevin Lu (Chairman of Asia, Partners Group, and a panelist tomorrow night) suggests it is time for a Grand Bargain:  “The size and complexity of the relationships, and the sheer number of areas it focuses on – from soy beans in Iowa to island-building in the South China Sea – demand a grand bargain between the two powers.”


Our faculty are deeply engaged in Chinese scholarship: from politics and philosophy to language and culture. Your work addresses critically important questions such as the best ways to foster global cooperation on issues that cross borders like trade, economic development, human rights and refugees, climate change and global health – in Asia, for the world.

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